Baby Walker Toddler 4-Stage Walking Harness

This baby walker assistant harness is perfect for anyone with a baby who’s learning to walk!


Make your life easier with no painful backaches from leaning and bending over while holding your baby’s hands. With this walking harness, you can easily assist your baby’s walking through all four stages of development without breaking your back.

You can let baby learn to walk unassisted at her own pace, engage core muscles while learning to balance themselves in an upright position, and she can do it without holding your hands with confidence which will quickly develop into walking independently.


3-Stage Baby Walker Toddler Harness


Why you need this:

    • Helps baby learn how to stand up and walk, safely, confidently, and fast.
    • Baby will no longer need to walk with her arms extended over her head. No tugging or twisting little arms.
    • No more falls or bruises! Baby learns to balance more naturally.
    • Allows you to lift or pull the baby with one hand or two hands.
    • No stress or strain on parent’s back and arms, and helps maintain a natural, upright posture, not slouching while guiding baby to walk.
    • Very easy to put on and take off. Adjustable buckle strap for snug fit. The support straps are easily removable and adjustable in length to accommodate adults of various heights.
    • Easy to wash and keep clean. Very light and easy to carry everywhere.
    • Pediatrician Recommended for babies learning to walk (6+ months).
    • 100% cotton and 3D-meshed design, comfortable & breathable.
    • Zipper closure design, make the crotch not fall off but easily taken off when needed.



Assist your Toddler through 4-Stage walking development:


Stage 0: Lift-with-Crotch for Start-to-Stand

This style can be used for babies around 8 to 9 months, when they are proficient in crawling and sitting, and start to grab anything to help them stand up, like table or sofa.



Stage 1: Lift-without-Crotch for Ready-to-Walk

This style is used for babies around 10 to 12 months, when baby can stand very stable while holding things or with little help, and they start to try to walk. Actually, this is the first stage of the baby’s learning to walk. In this stage, you can let the baby learn to squat and walk without holding anything, to strengthen baby’s balance.


3-Stage Baby Walker Toddler Harness


Stage 2: Pull-without-Crotch for Walk-with-Stumble

This style is used for babies around 13 months. In this stage, parents should continue to train the strength of the legs, as well as the coordination of the body and the eyes. It is also important to train the baby’s ability to adapt to different grounds in this stage.


3-Stage Baby Walker Toddler Harness


Stage 3: Pull-without-Crotch for Self-Walking

This style is used for babies around 16 months. If the baby is already able to walk well, his curiosity of exploring the surrounding things will be gradually enhanced. Parents should satisfy his curiosity at this time and make him walk independently. All you have to do in this stage is stop him from making troubles.


3-Stage Baby Walker Toddler Harness



    • Material: Cotton+polyester


Package Included:

    • 1 x Baby Walker Harness


You simply just put the baby into the harness and you can stand up while allowing your child to learn how to walk. No more having to bend down and hold their arms. This harness allows your baby to learn to walk on their own terms and saves you the pain of having to bend down all day.


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