3-in-1 Baby Carrier with Hipseat Green


3-in-1 Baby Carrier with Hipseat Green


Our Bestselling Baby Hip-Waist Carrier is Now Back in Stock!

See how our premium Baby Carrier is changing the way parents carry their babies!

And how you can also enjoy the experience with your cute baby!


Now the days of strained forearms and tired arms from carrying your youngster are over with the use of our Child Hip Seat Carrier!

✅ It allows you to carry your little one in a seat that’s comfortable and safe for both of you.
✅ Tailored for parents with busy lifestyle, this integrated Baby Hip Waist Carrier can keep your baby close easily while allowing you to have freedom of movement while you dash around town, or breezing through parent duties.
✅ It provides an extra flexibility that cannot be experienced with a traditional carrier.
✅ It allows you to easily lift and put down your baby without having to worry about any straps or complicated harness to fiddle with.



Why Do I Need This?

  • It takes the bulk of your baby weight off your arms and displaces it on your waist, so your back is not stressed and back pain is greatly reduced. It provides a more effortless carry.
  • It takes the weight off your hips but still allows you to carry your baby when he wants.
  • You can walk your baby around for as long as it takes!!
  • It saves getting out the stroller on short trips. Good value for money!
  • It’s so much easier than a huge, bulky stroller, and much more comfortable than a carrier when your baby starts to gain weight.
  • It’s the perfect companion to have to save your back and give your little ones a perfect seat to be held and snuggled!
  • It’s your new go-to gift of choice for friends having a new baby!
  • It will ease the pain on your shoulder and wrist from holding your kid for a long time.
  • It will ease the sporadic lower back pain from carrying your child around.
  • Ergonomic design is approved by pediatrician and chiropractors.
  • It keeps you free from the pain of holding your child without hip support.
  • It helps baby by making sure they are in the perfect carrying position with legs at a “w”, which cannot be had with other carriers.
  • Very sturdy and it’s the best for nursing.
  • You can carry your little one wherever you go, without compromising your fashionable style.
  • 4-part safety features: Velcro, a loop the belt goes through, sturdy buckle, and a little sliding lock on the buckle.


Why BabyGishi Hip Seat Carrier?

  1. Good value for the money.
  2. Durable and sturdy.
  3. Easy to set up.
  4. Easy to clean.
  5. Easily stowed.
  6. Comfortable for baby and mom.
  7. Lightweight.
  8. Easy to use.
  9. Quality construction.
  10. Stylish and cute attractive design.



Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can you easily sit down and stand back up again while wearing it?

Answer: You will have no problems sitting and standing back up while wearing the hip seat. You can sit down easily or bend down to pick up pacifiers, or stand back up. You can also twist the hip seat to the side or your back when not in use.

Question: What are the waist sizes this can work with?

Answer: The strap is extendable and can work with parent’s waist size up to 46.4 inches (118 cm). It is simple to share between caregivers; one size fits most.

Question: How easily is this cleaned?

Answer: It’s easy to wipe down; the fabric covering most of the product is pretty stain-resistant. The seat itself is made of soft cushion foam that can be pulled out, and everything else can be washed in the washing machine.


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