Baby Sleep Music Projector

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Whether at nap time or night time, this cute sound machine helps lull your baby to sleep. A sleeping baby means more sleep for the whole family!


We understand it is a frustrating battle to have a young one who refuses to sleep through the night, or engages in hours long ordeal of repeatedly getting out of bed, playing, and not falling asleep.

Our top-rated baby sound machine fills your bedroom or nursery with soothing white noise and music designed to help your baby sleep like a baby and stay asleep longer, so mom can have a little time to herself in the morning.

It helps your baby sleep longer and have a more revitalizing nap time by giving him or her the most comfortable and peaceful nap which help get your entire family on a healthy sleep schedule.


Why parents love this?

  • Create the ideal sleep environment for your child, and establish healthy sleep routines.
  • The white noise mimics the sound inside a mother’s womb, so babies sense that they are back to a familiar place that will definitely make them fall asleep soundly and stay asleep longer.
  • The slow and repetitive music gives them a sense of familiarity with the place and atmosphere and automatically prepare them for their nap time.
  • Our sleep sound machine combines crisp, soothing and realistic sound and dreamy night light in one easy to use device to provide you with colorful night. It is proven that baby falls asleep easily under warm light and lullaby.



  • Durable ABS material, with smooth, hard-to-scratch surface.
  • High-quality, uniquely filtered songs and sounds of nature music that encourage baby to deep peaceful sleep.
  • 7 mild and gradient lighting modes for a multicolor starry sky projection that changes with the music.
  • 10 relaxing and gentle music, including waves sound, birdsong, rain sound, etc.; so it is easy to find something that makes him fall asleep.
  • Each music will last about 20 minutes, enough for baby to fall asleep soundly.
  • Comes in 6 cute animal plush designs that are super soft for the baby.
  • Compact and portable design so you can carry anywhere and baby can sleep as if you were at home.
  • The plush toy can be separated from the sound machine for washing.

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