BabyGishi™ Deluxe Adjustable Nursing Pillow | Green Hat

Ease the strain on your back, neck and arms during epic mealtimes easily without fluffing or stacking 3-4 pillows every time.


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Holding the baby up while they feed for hours on end, even from the bottle, is very tiring, and we as new moms are already physically tired as it is.

Breastfeeding is hard in the beginning, and figuring out a comfortable nursing position — for you and baby — can be a challenge:

Most pillows sag in the middle and do not stay in place.

Loose pillows may slip and make it difficult for the baby to latch.

You keep shifting to make ordinary pillows work, with each shift causing searing pain.

And most pillows slide down due to the baby's weight..

Elevate your baby easily without hurting your back every time you breastfeed.

Our support pillow makes countless hours of breastfeeding comfortable for you and your baby. It slides onto the arm easily without the back pain and hassle!

BabyGishi™ Deluxe Adjustable Nursing Pillow helps cradle your little one in a comfy position. Your arms don’t have to do all the work, therefore, saving your back and shoulders. So you can relax, and get your milk flowing—all while keeping the baby comfortable

This sizable nursing pillow comes with a back and shoulder strap so you can hold it tight to your body. The baby won’t slide into the gap, nor create a space to fall nor sag in the middle.


So you can concentrate on perfecting the baby’s latch; breathing to encourage letdown, and chilling out while you breastfeed.

The pillow does all of the heavy lifting and positioning FOR ME... I didn’t have to struggle to hold my baby the right way to get the perfect latch. It is 100% true what they say that if you and your baby are comfortable, the nursing works out great. BabyGishi Pillow made my struggles seriously disappear and now I have the ability to nurse wherever as well.

My back hurt from having to bend over, my baby was always slipping in the center, and using another pillow underneath didn't even help. Now I could nurse comfortably, it relieved my back pain. It allowed me to get up and move, or grab something I needed- without my son waking up. The buckle that keeps it securely in place did its job. 

Rest your back while the baby is taking her time feeding, without piling pillows under your arms.

Your ordinary pillow provided no support when nursing. It did not sit high enough, and your baby would wiggle or reposition himself. You had a lot of back pain because of it. It kept sliding away from you that you’d have to end up using it with other pillows to try to get some support.

With BabyGishi™ Deluxe Adjustable Nursing Pillow, these struggles are gone in just a few steps.

It is so easy to use:

Strap it around your waist; adjust the height and tightness; lock the buckles. Synch tight. And multitask while still nursing the baby without the backache.

Comfort for moms, support for growing babies.


BabyGishi™ Deluxe Adjustable Nursing Pillow lifts babies for comfortable feedings. It transitions to support mom and baby as they grow. It offers the perfect spot for propping, tummy time, sitting, or discovering their fingers and toes.


0+ months old


3 months old

Tummy Time

6 months old


9 months old

The Only Nursing Pillow You'll Ever Need.


"I thought it was impractical to use this since I can just hold my baby. But doing it so many times a day took a toll on my shoulders and back. They ache, and my back is hunching! This strapped support pillow made breastfeeding my hungry baby a breeze. I can relax my arms and just focus on latching the baby. It’s perfect for feeding my hungry baby at home or in public places since my baby does not want to be covered while eating. It’s super convenient to just put it on the stroller when we are on the go!" - Mirian Eves

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews

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"Using this pillow makes breastfeeding so much easier on my back and on my baby! This pillow is the perfect height and its thick, sturdy material is a great support for my newborn. The buckle piece that wraps around my back provides needed support and the shoulder strap buckle is a great feature. This allows for hands free feeding...when hands free time is at a premium with a newborn.." - Cherise Henningsen

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, BabyGishi uses 100% organic cotton which is known for its breathability and temperature regulation. It keeps the baby cozy and cool.
This pillow works to ease the strain on your back, neck, and arms during epic mealtimes without fluffing or stacking 3-4 pillows every time.The best part of this pillow is that it attaches to you so you can get situated and prepped and then pick up your little one and place them on you. In comparison, the other pillow does not stay in place whatsoever. Often it would slip off of or slide while seated and nursing- causing the baby to slide down and tug at the nipples.
Yes! It is removable and washable! Remove the cover via the easy to unzip hidden zipper.
The pillow is firm enough for baby and for nursing, and soft for mother to sit on. I have 2 of them and use one for knee support when bathing baby in the tub.
They are VERY, VERY helpful. The shape fits perfectly to your body and helps cradle the baby without you having to struggle. You can use it for "tummy time" and sitting exercises later so it grows with your baby..
This pillow is thick enough so you don't have to bend down. The shoulder strap also helps to elevate it to any height you want to keep baby as close as possible and stay in place without you hunching over
20.12 inches x 16.26 inches x 6.97 inches.
Since the buckle is adjustable, it will work even for overweight women, and will sit well around the waist.

Love It or Your Money Back

#1 priority here at BabyGishi is your satisfaction. Which means we stand by our product 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no buts. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Send you a replacement. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our Customer Satisfaction Team and all issues will be solved within 24-48 hours. We're here for you. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

* Not Sold in Stores.

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