BabyGishi™ Electric Nasal Aspirator

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Say goodbye to stuffy or runny noses! Clear your baby’s nasal congestion in seconds. No more conventional, time-consuming and annoying methods of cleaning your little one’s noses. Our electronic nasal aspirator has been recommended by experts and thousands of satisfied parents.


Quickly and gently cleanse your baby’s blocked nose by sucking up the snot, safely and effortlessly!


When the weather is cold and the temperature is getting lower and lower, kids become prone to a runny noseYoung kids, especially babies may choke if they are congested or have too much mucus. When your baby’s nose is stuffed up with congestive mucus, it affects their ability to breathe, eat, and sleep, and your peace of mind. Give them the relief they need by safely sucking out their booger with our Baby Nasal Aspirator!

Regular Nasal aspirators are bulky, do not have sufficient suction power or too harsh on the baby’s gentle nostrils; have many different small pieces that can come apart during use, and pose a risk of reintroducing bacteria into your baby’s nose.

BabyGishi™ Electric Nasal Aspirator is designed for ease, simplicity, and safety. It prevents oral contact, prevent cross-infection, and designed to prevent backflow. Powered by smooth and right amount of suction to remove stubborn mucus while ensuring no harm to your precious one’s delicate nasal passages, with a press of a button — so all you have to do is hold your baby while the gadget does the hard work for you.



✅ COST-EFFECTIVE. Our Nasal Aspirator has interchangeable tips and can accommodate different sized nostrils. You won’t have to worry about messy filters and replacement tips, or buying a new aspirator to clear your baby’s nasal passages once your baby gets bigger or their nostrils grow. It’s rechargeable so it has lower lifetime cost compared to battery-powered ones.


 CONVENIENCE AND EFFICIENCY. Saves you time and makes things easier for you. Our Nasal Aspirator allows you to change the strength of the suction based on your baby’s congestion or pain tolerance, without going out of breath like when using oral aspirators. You only need one hand to operate this aspirator. With the simple push of a button, the suction is activated, without making much noise, so your baby can breathe easier and sleep soundly!


 MOBILITY AND PORTABILITY. The electric nasal cleaner is light and compact. It fits in the palm of your hand. Fits easily into a diaper bag or purse, with no loose or tiny parts, making it conveniently a great choice for when you’re on-the-go, traveling, at events, in the car or at home.


 SAFETY AND SANITARY. Easy to clean and use to remove mucus that’s stuck behind your throat or in tiny noses. You don’t have to worry about cross-infection. Made of medical-grade silicone that does not harbor bacteria or facilitate its growth, it’s safe even for babies to bite it.


No more conventional, time-consuming and annoying methods of cleaning your little one’s noses. Our electronic nasal aspirator has been recommended by experts and thousands of satisfied parents.



    • Contact nozzle is made with food/medical grade silicone. It’s safe for young ones.
    • Adjustable optimized suction. Comes with 5 different types of suction power for your needs, and comfortably fit any nose without harming your baby’s sinuses.
    • Gentle, continuous suction without having to run out of breath only to have those boogies sucked right back up into those nasal cavities!
    • Ergonomic design that is easy and feels good to hold and use with one hand, with zero screw exposure. Curved banana shape is attractive to little ones.
    • Portable and rechargeable with USB. Forget batteries and refillable heads! You can charge the nasal cleaner anywhere.
    • Anti-reflux design of the nasal aspirator can prevent baby’s nose from being hurt as well as being affected by bacteria.
    • Easy to use and easy to clean. Can be disassembled and easily washed under running water.



Say goodbye to stuffy or runny noses! Clear your baby’s nasal congestion in seconds.


Let your baby breathe easier and sleep longer. Our Nasal Aspirator is more efficient than bulb syringe and oral suction to get the boogers out. It lasts longer, performs better, and looks nicer. With the push of a button, you’ll be able to open your baby’s nasal passages by removing congestive mucus. It will be a staple in your household for years to come. It’s ideal for kids 0-6 years. It’s a great investment for new moms.

Now your baby can eat, sleep, and breathe better… And you can relax knowing that your baby is clean and comfy.


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BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – At BabyGishi, we pay great attention to the comfort and safety of your baby and want to assure you that you are in good hands. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s how confident we are in all of our products. If you have issues with the product, please contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you within one business day.

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