BabyGishi™ Rechargeable Portable Octopus Fan

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This flexible octopus fan will keep you or your child from overheating and not sweating so much in his car seat or during your stroller walks and other activities indoors and outdoors, so he will be comfortable and cool in any angle.


BabyGishi™ Rechargeable Portable Octopus Fan



Forget about the low-power clip-on fans that blow hot air and do not clip well on the stroller or where you need it to.

Having a baby in this heat often limits our needed outdoor activities like walking. It keeps baby uncomfortable, all sticky, hot and sweaty. When babies overheat, their risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), heat-related illness, and other health issues increases. Sweating is a sign that the baby is too hot and may need help to cool down.

Our flexible fan keeps baby cool on a walk on a hot day, and provides great airflow with multiple speeds for the baby. It’s very quiet and smooth and has a low setting if your baby or you prefer a light breeze. You don’t have to worry about your little one getting too hot, or cutting your evening walks short. Your baby will no longer be sweating every time you’re out for a stroll on a hot day, or in the backseat before the air actually cools down the car. Thanks to its bendable and firm legs, it can easily wrap around whatever is available – strollers, crib, wheelchair, car seat (whether your child is rear facing or forward facing), back of car headrest, etc. in any position. It can stay in place without moving at all even when the baby kicks it.




    • Keeps baby comfortable and not sweating – gives enough cool breeze (not hot air) to beat the heat on your baby’s face. We designed this to meet baby and parents’ need in summer, indoors and outdoors.
    • Keeps baby cool in any angle – It supports 360° rotation to get airflow from different directions so it keeps you or baby cool in any angle as she moves around. Adopted advanced technology, the max rotating speed reaches to 2470 RPM to keep you cool always without it moving.
    • Soothes your sleeping baby – whether on their bed or in the car seat all the way home after a night out, our very quiet fan adds a little bit of white noise that your baby enjoys. The battery fan is built with professional high performance upgraded brushless motor with faster speed, strong wind and low noise (below 57dB) allowing the baby to sleep peacefully without waking up.
    • Keeps baby entertained – it comes with LED lights that create a mesmerizing look to the spinning blades of the fan which is great for keeping baby entertained and cool on evening walks and car rides, especially if she hates going in her car seat.
    • Enjoy cool breeze everywhere – The world’s first completely wireless and portable mini fan will be perfect when it’s hot or in summer time and for camping. Can be used as handheld fan for game days. This is a powerful and quiet fan if you have vicious hot flashes. Easily mount one on a stationary bike in a location where a plug-in fan isn’t an option. Have the extra breeze even when sitting on the couch. Put in the back of the car with the dog. We guarantee you will be all-around happy with it’s multiple uses. This bending tripod is your option vs clip.


BabyGishi™ Rechargeable Portable Octopus Fan



    • Flexible Octopus legs – It comes with updated bendable knobs design that we spent so much on so that you can wrap it around the baby carrier handle or stroller over and over without slipping! It lets you create a tripod so it stands on its own without tipping over. The upgraded tripod is made of high-quality bendable metal and silicone surface, instead of the old plastic and sponge surface. Therefore, the tripod is waterproof, not easy to get dirty and broken, easy to clean, and more durable. In addition, it is designed for all ages, so there is no limit in where and who you can use our Octopus Fan!
    • USB-Rechargeable – Grade A 2600 mAh rechargeable battery, which can be used for up to 8 hours when fully charged; you don’t have to deal with replacing batteries. So this comes in so handy when you lost power, or in a long walk.
    • 4-option LED Light – It has a built-in light with four brightness settings that you can use for a night light or to use for reading. Even when you’re not using the light feature, there’s a soft blue glowing light in the back of the fan that makes it easy to find in the dark. The LED lights is bright but not blinding at its highest setting.
    • 3 speed settings – It has low, medium, and high speeds. On the lowest speed to cool you down, the battery lasts for over a typical 8-hour workday, if you are fully charged at the start.
    • Easy to Clean – The blades may collect white dust over time, but you can easily open the frame and clean it with the dry cloth. The tough and durable legs are easy to clean with sanitizer wipes.


BabyGishi™ Rechargeable Portable Octopus Fan



How strong is the blow?

The lowest speed is enough for a small baby. You could actually use this for drying nails.

Is it safe for baby?

The ultra-fine grill encasement design is very narrow and protects curious little fingers from reaching in to touch the blades and avoid injury. They can’t fit their small fingers in.

How long does battery power last?

It can be used with its 2600 mAh battery with maximum working time of 40 hours at the min wind speed when fully charged, so you no longer have to worry about sudden power loss that makes baby hot and cry, or dealing with constantly replacing batteries.


BabyGishi™ Rechargeable Portable Octopus Fan


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