BabyGishi™ SiliconBubble Calming Toy

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BabyGishi™ SiliconBubble Calming Toy

Emphasize independence and confidence in your kids’ emerging abilities, and help develop their concentration and focus with this toy that calms them effectively.




Most toys nowadays are the same – have batteries and flashing lights, make squeaky sounds, bulky and quite heavy, collect dust and dirt easily, and only keep kids occupied for small chunks of time before they get bored and anxious.


Our BabyGishi™ SiliconBubble Calming Toy is a color recognition decompression toy that comes with vivid appearance and vibrant colors, and has been proven to handle the drama, screaming fits, meltdowns, anxiety, irritability, lack of focus and concentration, and other sensory challenge in a quiet and fun way.


Imagine the pleasure and calming effects of popping a bubble wrap! This toy is like a bubble wrap that never goes away! Super simple, but super addicting (we promise you’ll want to play with it yourself too!). It is a perfect tool to calm your child and keep his hands busy in the car or if you’re out and about, or to get rid of the little irritable mood.



“Keeps him occupied for a long time, he flips it, we talk and learn about colors, he bites it and it’s helps to develop his imagination, and something to keep his hands occupied.” – Heather.


BabyGishi™ SiliconBubble Calming Toy is known for its simplicity, and is safer as compared to modern toys that are completely buzzing. It helps limit your child’s time playing video games on different electronic screens that is not good for their eye health first and foremost. With BabyGishi™ SiliconBubble Calming Toy, your child can play and have fun even with his eyes closed.





SENSORY DEVELOPMENT. The BabyGishi™ SiliconBubble Calming Toy helps develop great fine motor skills and sensory exploration. It is wonderful for finger proprioception and strengthening, and pinscher grasp development, trains the child’s hand grasping ability, all the while having fun and brain activity.


IMPROVES FOCUS. Popping the discs, or pushing and poking the bubbles will help with focus and concentration, and keep the child relaxed and singularly engaged for long, and experience the calming effects long after playing and learning. Designed to be entertaining and soothing. It may promote relaxation or stress relief in teens and older adults.


INTERACTIVE LEARNING. A toy with many purposes, this intriguing tool can be interactive with a parent by reviewing colors or for fun family time, or by itself as a child learns different ways to push them in and turn it over repetitively, teaching him cause-and-effect principle.


IT IS THE PERFECT QUIET TOY. This touch-and-feel toy doesn’t make noise except the delightful gentle bubble popping sound. It is self-motivating and keeps a toddler focused and quiet in church, restaurants, doctor’s waiting rooms or other environments where you need that still, quiet child. It’s a quiet toy that’s even great as nap time toy.





FEELS GOOD TO THE TOUCH. BabyGishi™ SiliconBubble Calming Toy is made of high-quality 100% food-grade silicone foam in the plastic frame. Easy to hold, feels good to the touch. And there are no lose parts. Very sturdy. Lightweight. Easy to clean. Use dry or wet in the bath tub. Very durable. Very suitable for babies over 6 months old.


VIBRANT COLORS. The five very attractive bright colors in varying sizes grab and keep a child’s attention fast, and has a fascinating effect on babies and toddlers, making it a great tool to learn different colors.


TEETHING TOOL. The smooth edges are harmless and help with child’s teething and massaging the gums very gently. You baby doesn’t need extra toy to chew with their gums. 100%, non-toxic, non-allergic material. It’s 100% safe for a baby.


COMPACT AND PORTABLE. The BabyGishi™ SiliconBubble Calming Toy is so compact and flat enough to fit easily into your purse or a diaper bag and to take it places, yet colorful and large enough to notice if it is dropped. It’s a perfect sensory adventure babies and toddlers can take with them wherever they go!







How much should parents resort to videos and online games to entertain, educate or simply distract their young children?

The World Health Organization issued strict new guidelines on one of the most anxiety-producing issues of 21st century family life. The answer, according to WHO, is never for children in their first year of life and rarely in their second. Those aged 2 to 4, the international health agency said, should spend no more than an hour a day in front of a screen.



But we need some ways to entertain, educate or to simply distract young kids to keep them occupied. The BabyGishi™ SiliconBubble Calming Toy is a simple toy that is not producing anxiety. And more importantly, it contributes to their development and well-being.






This toy is so simple yet very versatile. I’m a pediatric physical therapist, who works with infants with special needs. I bought this toy to use for work to keep babies busy and to use as motivation. I use it for tracking, motivation, teething, reaching, hand and arm strengthening. Surprisingly however, the older children I work with, many school aged with Autism also love this toy! It provides wonderful sensory input and sensory stimulation but also acts as a perfect fidget toy for all ages. – CMRVS, Pediatric Physical Therapist





This irresistible, simple and colorful toy is great age-appropriate toy for a baby, and a fantastic engaging toy for any growing child to develop their concentration and focus for a decent amount of time, by fiddling with it because it’s strangely enjoyable to push the silicone bubbles in and out.


Give the toy that benefit your child’s developing brain, and improve cognitive function, support their imagination and fine motor skills. And most of all, limit their screen time, and keep them grounded in public, with BabyGishi™ SiliconBubble Calming Toy.


“You can buy all of the toys in the world for your babies and somehow the simplest of things seem to be the best. That’s currently the phase that my 10m old is going through, which is why I purchased this.” – Anderson.


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