Child Anti Lost Wrist Leash Magnetic Induction Lock

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Induction lock

Keep your children safe first and foremost! It is our duty as parents and guardians. You can’t control everything. But logistical safeguards can help prevent the worst from happening.

Keep your toddlers close by your side, give them independence, but keep them safe and secure at the same time, during travel in public and crowded places, with this life-saving child anti-lost leash!


Child Anti Lost Wrist Leash Magnetic Induction Lock


Can you stop caring whether or not your child looks both ways before crossing the street, or impulsively running into traffic?


A parent should never bring a toddler or young child into public without holding their hand.

However, the child feels restricted and the parent could really use that hand for other stuff.

In comes our Child Anti Lost Wrist Leash with Magnetic Induction Lock. It frees up the parents’ hand, and they don’t have to worry about losing their child, and the kid gets a 6ft radius of freedom!

It is not bad parenting, degrading, nor a cruel thing to do. In fact, it is the opposite, because:


Many things could possibly happen.

    • Children are extremely unpredictable and situations can go sideways very quickly.
    • Children are generally running amok in stores and airports.
    • Kids can get into bad situations way faster than you think.
    • Children can be unpredictable and they haven’t developed insight in the consequences of their actions yet. Even if you raise them well, you can’t expect them to always be at their best behavior.
    • Really spirited and energetic kids are interested in everything and often become so excited they can lose track of their parents and run off.
    • Kids loves exploring but at young age between 2 and 3, they have no concept of danger.
    • It’s easy to say just watch them but it’s much more complex and takes seconds for them to be gone.


Child Anti Lost Wrist Leash Magnetic Induction Lock


Or perhaps you feel a few near heart attacks, scared, or frustrated:

    • He’d yank himself away from you and run through crowds or towards a busy street.
    • Get almost lost in the zoo, Disney, beach, or malls.
    • Tots run around in places where they REALLY shouldn’t be running around.
    • Despite your best efforts and constant watch, they would get “lost” – hidden- all the time whenever you go shopping.
    • You have a “big” girl who is independent and does not want to hold your hand in public places.
    • You have to walk down a busy road where you are, and have a child prone to bolting.


The number one fear which us parents hold is losing our child… Cases like these are not unheard of in crowded places such as busy streets, shopping malls and other centers –

This is why we bring to you the ergonomically designed bracelet which keeps your child safe at all costs. It features a safe locking detector which prevents them from getting lost in crowded places.

Just simply attach the bracelet on your child, and walk stress-free knowing your little one is kept well-protected.


Child Anti Lost Wrist Leash Magnetic Induction Lock


The design is sturdy, but the comfort of your child is also guaranteed – Our anti-lost bracelet is designed using soft materials, and is also easily rotatable. Keep your child safe and protected, while also keeping them comfortable!


Our  Child Anti Lost Wrist Leashes with Magnetic Induction Lock are for instances where you will be in public, doing something that needs your close attention, but you have to bring your child with you, because you can’t leave a toddler alone, but you also don’t want the little kid running off and causing a ruckus or getting kidnapped while you do your banking.


What can the Child Anti Lost Wrist Leash with Magnetic Induction Lock do for you?

    • He could look and walk up to people to interact on his own without you worrying he’d bolt.
    • He can explore all the things, but isn’t able to just wander off.
    • You’re keeping your baby safe while giving him the freedom to explore the world.
    • You will not worry about him running into traffic or cars.
    • You can safely rein him in on the stroller so you can free up your hands.
    • Using a leash is a great way to give your child a bit of freedom with them still being safely connected to an adult.
    • With a leash they can move about their space at a distance, touch things, bend over, sit down, etc. It feels like a step closer to independence.
    • Some children have no concept of dangerous situations. A leash is a wonderful tool to aid in their safety.
    • A leash allows a parent some peace of mind when in a crowd of people or near a busy street and at the same time lets the child do some exploring and have some independence within a safe boundary. Crowds and busy streets are deadly, lets use some common sense and use the tools available to us to keep small, curious children safe.


Child Anti Lost Wrist Leash Magnetic Induction Lock



    • Walk with your child stress-free – With thanks to the ergonomic design of our bracelet;
      You can now walk stress-free in crowded places knowing your little one is kept safe.
    • Comfortably designed – The surface material is formulated using a comfortable air
      cotton material; Ensuring your little one is kept comfortable while walking.
    • Versatile use – Our anti-lost bracelet is suitable for travel, supermarket trips, general
      walk, shopping malls and much more. It’s also perfect for night time travel.
    • Strongly formulated – Our Anti-Lost bracelet features a high-density steel wire, and
      uses a sturdy design to make it safer than ever!

Child Anti Lost Wrist Leash Magnetic Induction Lock





Why do I need this?

if your child is old enough to walk but young enough to be prone to run into traffic. This is a safety device to restrain a child from traffic dangers.

Why not just buy the “backpack leash”?

It’s too easy to weasel out of the backpack one and they can be easily snapped/cut. The Child Anti Lost Wrist Leash with Magnetic Induction Lock wrist attachment is basically foolproof and your boy will love his “cool kid bracelet”.

What age is this appropriate for?

The leash still lets the toddler look around in public but not too far away, and when they outgrow it and know how to behave (usually by the time they’re about 4), then they don’t need it anymore.

What is this product not for?

Leashes shouldn’t be an everyday thing. Child leashes aren’t for when you take your kid to the park, or somewhere kid friendly where they can run wild and have fun. They are for instances where the parent will be in public, doing something that needs their close attention.

The product in few words:

It’s a “life saver”. The leash literally keeps your child from running into traffic accidents and keep you in control. It’s a great way to keep everyone safe and happy.



Child Anti Lost Wrist Leash Magnetic Induction Lock


The wrist link is both simple to attach and comfortable to wear for both adult and child.

And because it is soft and adjustable, it won’t hurt your child’s wrist, but is not easy to mess with.

For added safety for travel at night, it is made with night vision reflective strip.


Go with peace of mind without fearing of losing your child in supermarket, crowded street, railway station, airports, stores, or any other public places.


For this, you just need to click on the ADD TO CART button and get the features every customer seeks, including:

    • High quality
    • Perfect and careful design
    • Affordable and fair price.
    • FREE Shipping.
    • Peace of mind.

Furthermore, along with the incredible Child Anti Lost Wrist Leash Magnetic Induction Lock, we give you all our guarantees:

    • 100% satisfaction
    • 100% safety and security

Therefore, it’s a safe, perfect and affordable purchase. Choose the Color you like the most and let your child enjoy this ‘cool’ safety bracelet.

Product length is 2 meter (6.5 feet), giving child enough freedom.

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Because one missing or gone child is one too many.

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