Clutchy – Baby Changing Pad

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Keep your little one entertained, tidy and safe during diaper changes.



Babies naturally like to grab at everything, including areas you don’t want them to while changing them. When your baby/toddler has a tendency to reach down or around when you are changing her, it can become especially problematic during poopy diaper changes.

 This soft and cushy changing pad makes diaper changes so much more pleasant, less gross, and safer (and, when you have to do it on some bathroom surface, more hygienic) because your active baby/toddler stays in one place with plenty of wiggle room. This makes it so much easier to change them without having to fight them, and makes changing away from home a breeze.


Why do parents love this?

The top wraps around your baby’s waist and secures with Velcro to keep your baby clean and their hands out of the mess. It helps prevent your baby from reaching to places they are not supposed to during a diaper change. The rings enable you to attach teethers and toys and a great way to keep little ones entertained and happy during diaper changes, so that you can focus on the task at hand.



    • You don’t have to worry about the mess transferring from a diaper to the floor or changing table or especially to your baby’s hands.
    • 3-in-1 function provides all the benefits of a standard portable changing station and diaper clutch plus a barrier to hang toys from for instant playtime and gently redirect your child’s curiosity away from the mess.
    • It makes the job of changing baby diapers at least 1500 times a year so much easier.
    • You don’t have to carry a heavy bag on your shoulder when you are visiting family or friends.




    • The top part adjusts to grow with your baby so you don’t have buy new ones.
    • Built-in toy loops allow you to attach toys and teething toys for curious little hands while changing diapers.
    • Waterproof surface which makes it easier to clean and keep sanitized between uses, ensuring dry comfort for baby and easy cleaning for mom or dad.
    • Soft padded surface with quarter inch thick foam pillow to support your baby’s back, shoulders, and head.
    • Compact and easy to fold up. It fits in a small diaper bag with ease so it would easily fit in any diaper bag.
    • Durable so you can use it for as long as you have kids in diapers
    • The Clutchy is slim and stylish, looks cute if toted alone, will complement any nursery, and wherever you and your baby travel.
    • Easy to use. Just unroll and fix into place for a cozy and secure bathroom changing experience.



    1. This changing pad is recommended for newborns to 2-year-old toddlers.
    2. Don’t leave babies unattended when changing especially in elevated surfaces.
    3. Wipe clean after each use and hand wash when needed. Do not put in the dryer, iron directly, or use undiluted bleach on the pad.

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