Glowing LED Teddy Bear

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Glowing LED Teddy Bear

Give your little one the ultimate symbol of love, comfort, companionship, and an instant BFF!



Best Fun and meaningful Gift for Kids!


Do you want to prepare a unique and best gift for your little one and for yourself?

This Glowing LED Teddy Bear is your best choice!


Our Glowing LED Teddy Bear is super soft, snuggly, fluffy and light which makes it easy for a young child to carry it around that they cannot put it down. It’s coziness, warmth and comfort will make your baby feel safe, relaxed and right at home.


Children love teddy bears! With those soft fur that begged to be stroked, soulful eyes giving them full attention, or delightful huggable trunk, who can resist?

MORE THAN JUST A TOY. It’s a great child’s companion for play time and nap time. Suitable for kids of all ages.

GIVES COMFORT. A child can find considerable comfort just by touching and feeling this Glowing LED Teddy Bear.

PERFECT FOR CUDDLING. Our giant stuffed Glowing LED Teddy Bear measures 1.64′ (50 cm) so it’s perfect for hugging, snuggling, and for him to feel cuddled.

SAFE TO SLEEP WITH. Hand made from a cotton plush finest quality fabric and filled with child-safe 100% high grade PP cotton.



PLUSHIEST FRIEND. This colorful, friendly, fun and functional Glowing LED Teddy Bear is super-soft and extremely squishable.

DEFENSE AGAINST SEPARATION ANXIETY. Their new best friend in tow will be their reassurance and defense against separation anxiety. So a child won’t feel so alone, and unfamiliar situations like going to day care become a lot less scary and stressful.



LED NIGHT LIGHT. It has a capability to be used as night light 🔆 so it helps to create a relaxed environment bright and soft enough that they will feel secure going to bed and not be scared of the dark.


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INTERACTIVE.  The LED lights cycle through a variety of 7 colors for interactive fun with one touch of the button on the Glowing Teddy Bear’s hand.


Give your little one the ultimate symbol of love, comfort, companionship, and an instant Best Friend to grow up with!



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