SwaddleCloud™ Baby Swaddle

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No More Cold Nights For Your Baby

You want to keep your baby warm, and to help your little one sleep better and longer, for healthier sleep for all.

SwaddleCloud™ Baby Swaddle helps parents to wrap their baby with ease and comfort on cold, wintery nights without putting themselves out. By providing extra warmth, it improves baby’s sleep pattern and quality so that you can also get more rest at night – meaning everyone’s happy!



Why do savvy mommas like SwaddleCloud™?


✔️ Keeps baby warm and comfortable without the weight of blankets.

✔️ Keeps your child warm and cozy without restricting their movements.

✔️ Help sooth your baby into a peaceful slumber, just the way you want it!

✔️ Helps your baby sleep better and longer, so you can too!



1 Blanket for 3-In-1 Swaddling Method


What SwaddleCloud™ can do for your little one, and why we are confident that you won’t regret making this investment:

SwaddleCloud™ Baby Swaddle is a one-piece Baby Swaddle designed to allow legs the freedom of movement they need without kicking the blanket off, and can be used in all 3 swaddling methods:



Wrapping a baby in a sleeping bag to give him/her a safe feeling to prevent startles and protect them from scratching their face while they sleep. The soft blanket secures the baby’s arms in place so he or she does not get cold while sleeping. That way, you will get uninterrupted sleep night after night too!


Natural, traditional, comfortable arms-up sleeping position, convenient for babies to suck on their fingers or stroke the cheeks for self-soothing. Baby will love the snug feeling of the Velcro swaddle, and you will love the ease of swaddling with no loose fabric getting in baby's face.


Release babies’ hands, not restricting their upper bodies and natural movement of limbs, providing freedom in parent-child playtime, and comfort/warmth for your little ones during sleep. So that you can enjoy them sleeping peacefully without worrying about them wriggling out of their blankets.



Longer Blissful Sleep


Studies show that swaddling calms babies and helps them sleep up to two hours longer than babies who don’t use a swaddle blanket. Baby Swaddle blankets are an excellent way to warm your baby up in the cold winter months. Swaddle your baby in our luxury SwaddleCloud™ Baby Blanket for a warm and calming effect that helps them drift off into a blissful sleep so you can get some rest yourself!

Super Baby-Friendly Material


SwaddleCloud™ Baby Swaddle is made out of breathable 100% ultra-soft cotton outside, 100% polyester inside, which helps baby stay warm without overheating them, will make your child feel comfortable, like in your womb, only warmer! It is gentle on sensitive skin, even when washed over and over again.

A Cute Warm Blanket For Your Baby


Featuring wraparound wings, fully covered flip-open legs, and a hoodie for extra warmth and comfort, it allows you to easily wrap your baby when it’s too cold or leave the wings open when it’s too hot, leave arms and legs covered or not, put the hoodie on or off; an especially designed Velcro closure makes this blanket easy to open and close with one hand – making it perfect both for indoor and outdoor use.

It comes in various sizes and has plenty of space for your baby’s head, chest and limbs. With our wide range of colors, SwaddleCloud™ is sure to suit any savvy parent’s taste and style while protecting your baby from cold air drafts in the process.

Soft as a cloud, SwaddleCloud™ Baby Swaddle blankets make the perfect addition to any layette or gift basket. They’re also the ideal size for swaddling newborns and wrapping up little ones on the go.


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