Go where strollers can't, and travel with ease.

The Kabiba™ HT Baby to Toddler Handsfree Carrier

(50 customer reviews)

Eeasily meet your baby's needs for warmth and closeness without you getting hot and sweaty.


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One Baby Carrier of the color of your choosing. Each carrier has a detachable stool, and a strap-buckle carrier which can both be combined.

"It is the most user-friendly, convenient and effective at carrying my baby without the sweat." - Sarah M.

Are you an active mom who is tired of stretchy wraps that get you and your baby hot and sweating easily? Do you need a tool to help carry your child passively without overheating and making the baby fussy? Do you want a breathable carrier that is easy to wear without a learning curve?

Babies want, even crave the experience of being held, but wearing the baby and wrapping several layers of cloth can get very hot, uncomfortable and even suffocating and dangerous. This is where our safe and breathable all-in-one carrier comes in handy.

Discover the latest Kabiba™ Baby to Toddler Handsfree Baby Carrier! It makes things easier and manageable for parents, without getting hot and sweaty. Our Kabiba baby carrier is a fully adjustable, any position baby carrier that buckles on for easy getaways, and is lightweight, breathable, easy to use and comfortable for both mom and baby. Its ergonomic design secures around your waist for added support and back comfort, while adjustable straps and leg panels ensure a safe and snug fit for your baby with no fuss.

All-in-1 Baby Carrier

No need to settle for just one type of baby carrier or backpack when you can have every kind of baby carrier all rolled into one! Super easy to switch around for all positions of carrying. 

Strap Mode

Stool Mode

Combination Mode


Our Baby Carrier allows busy parents to easily carry the baby without burning up, while providing the richest and most desirable environment for their child.

Why Do Parents Love this?

It is super breathable and does not need several layers of wraps around the baby. It stays cool and make baby warm but cool, close, comfy, and safe.

Unlike the stretchy wraps and slings, Kabiba Baby Carrier can support their baby when they start to gain weight even up to 3 years, so they don't have to spend more on a new carrier.

✅ Baby can face outward or inward - chest way, kangaroo style, back carry, cross arm carry.

✅ Can accommodate plus size/large chest.

Can breastfeed in.

Can get on & off with out a degree in calculus based physics (or at least unassisted).

✅ Both hands free/secure (not ring sling).

✅ Grows with baby up to 3 years.

Ergonomic design approved by pediatricians and chiropractors.


More reasons why thousands of parents and babies love Kabiba™ by BabyGishi:

👉 Perfect Lumbar Support

It absorbs and takes the bulk of your baby's weight off your arms and distributes baby's weight really well evenly on shoulders, back, waist and hips, so the pressure and the sporadic shoulder and lower back pain you normally would feel is drastically decreased, allowing you to carry your baby longer and more comfortably.

👉 Easy to Get the "M" Position

Baby's legs are appropriately separated to keep the natural "M" shape of hips, a position that protects the spine and hips from hip dysplasia, and reduces painful spine curvature in adults.

👉 Total Hands-Free Wearing

We all know the value of having free arms can be. We got you. From straps to the seat, sturdy support provides the freedom, the security your baby needs and security that you needed, without still having to support baby with your hands!

👉 All Season Breathable Material

100% lightweight, durable, water-repellent, and breathable polyester with high quality EPP filling. With shutter that can be unzipped and rolled in for mesh ventilation to keep baby and mom from being hot and sweaty during hot days. Serves as windbreaker on cold days.

That's Not All... There's More

👉 Comfy Seat

It comes with an integrated and detachable seat that distributes baby's weight evenly over the hips and shoulders - thus avoiding the pressure on baby's spine and hip bones, and transfers most of his weight to the parent's strongest hip muscles, and reduces joint strain for both you and your child.

👉 Ventilated Shoulder Strap

A wide, supportive strap, with 15mm buffer cushion, absorbs shock and vibration from walking, protecting baby's spine. Keeps the remaining pressure distributed over the back and down to the waist.

👉 Washable Fabric​

It’s made from a machine-washable so it is easy to maintain, super soft material that’s as comfortable for you as it is for baby.

👉 Comfortable Space for Baby

A clear space for baby, there’s no fabric blocking his airways or buckles poking him. No fabrics that block your baby’s mouth and nose.

👉 Protective Leg Padding​​

Thick and soft padding to protect young chubby legs from abrasions and prevent irritation marks on baby's legs.​

👉 Extra Storage for Essentials

Plenty of storage or pockets for necessities like phones, wallets, bottles, change, and keys. You don't have to bring another bag.

Designed for growing baby's comfort and mom's convenience

You would normally need 3-4 different carriers to achieve all these positions, but with our carrier, you only need one.


Here Is What Parents Who Tested Kabiba Have To Say

Customer reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Brenda Larsen
THIS CARRIER ROCKS!!! I’ve never felt so comfortable in a carrier! The baby loves it, fits great in all positions. My back and shoulders feel great! I cleaned my whole house!! <3 Get it, you won’t regret it. Oh...for those complaining about the back latch, yes, that’s typical of all carriers :)
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Kaley Robles
For the first time my daughter actually wanted to be put in the carrier! It takes all the weight off from between their legs and there was no pressure on her thighs. She even napped in it for a good hour while on a hike..
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King Guzman
As a parent, There’s no better feeling than having your baby safely on you, and with this you can go out to the mall and have a nice and safe family time..
0 0
Alissa Obrien
For all my larger mommies out there, I am 5’9 and weigh 342 pounds! I am preparing to have gastric bypass surgery, but even with as big as I am now this fits around my midriff (area directly below my boobs). My son sits comfortably on the seat and the straps are comfortable on my shoulders. I love t...More
For all my larger mommies out there, I am 5’9 and weigh 342 pounds! I am preparing to have gastric bypass surgery, but even with as big as I am now this fits around my midriff (area directly below my boobs). My son sits comfortably on the seat and the straps are comfortable on my shoulders. I love this one because I can be hands free while walking and be able to hold my 3 year olds hand. This is money well spent and worth every single penny. My sister suggested I get a baby hiking backpack, but I couldn’t see spending hundreds of dollars on something he will grow out of quickly. With this it at least has several positions for him as he grows..
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Jordyn Fowler
It's a soft material, easy to tuck into the trunk and have at the ready.
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Giovanni Booker
It's completely adjustable to fit a variety of sizes.
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Allan Benitez
The product quality is very good The color is stunning and the fabric is amazing The seller is very good ... arrived within two weeks
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Fernanda Vance
Is amazing for when you need to do things around the house or want to go for a walk and the baby wants to be held.
0 0
Sarai Phelps
I use it at home, the grocery store, the library, everywhere!!
0 0
Cael Clayton
I could still clean, cook, work and even go pee when I had ahold of a sleeping baby.
0 0
Uriel Yang
Baby have many options to move her neck or arms.
0 0

We Give You Our Word

Everyone at BabyGishi worked tirelessly to get you a product to be proud of. We want you to love and flaunt your Baby Carrier to everyone around. But if by any offchance you are not very happy and satisfied with the product, we promise to give you 100% refund on your purchase. Just reach out to our Customer Satisfaction Team and all issues will be solved within 24-48 hours. Though we promise you that would not be the case, so shop on without any doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should a baby start using this carrier?

You can start using this baby carrier from day one, as long as they weigh at least seven (7) pounds. The sling position is ideal for newborns up to 6 months.​

Can you easily sit down and stand back up again while wearing it?

You will have no problems sitting and standing back up while wearing the hip seat. You can sit down easily or bend down to pick up pacifiers, or stand back up. ​

Does this baby carriers cause bow legs?

Not at all! Our carrier or baby carriers in general play no part in whether or not your child is bow-legged or not.​

Can you get baby in and out of with back position by yourself?

I lay my baby down and put her in it and then put it on carefully kinda like a back pack. Never had an issue doing that.​

Is it hard to buckle up the back strap?

If you can scratch your neck then you would be able to buckle it by yourself with no problem.​

Is this easy to put a large baby in with no assistance?

This is definitely very easy to put a baby in on your own without assistance. As long as you strap it on to yourself before trying to put your baby in it you should be fine.​

How does it fit plus size moms?

I'm currently a Target size XXL in tops, size 20-22 in bottoms and I found this carrier extremely comfortable. It is adjustable in all the places I need it, and I have no problem getting enough strap extension.​


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